Friday, April 1, 2011


The Dirty Bloc, Oxford Bloc, Bridge Bloc, Rusty Rim Bloc, still not sure. Whatever the name is for this new boulder in Clear Creek Canyon(weird) it most certainly will be good. I making this an opportunity for people to look at the photos of the first boulder in this post and tell me whether or not this is an undone boulder. It most certainly looks it. Either way it was a good one and worth taking for a little evening stroll/session.

Matt Miller finishing out one of the harder lines on this new boulder that we discovered last week and returned to clean.

Matt showing everyone that he has the skillz to pay da billz with my camera, thanks for the photos man!

Matt Miller showing everyone how its done, taking his time and getting to know every hold.

The Scoop boulder, super good. 


The idea of naming problems and routes to reflect the colorful nature of the rock climbing community is mildly troublesome. Existing problems in Colorado own names varying from "Cream Filled Man Boy" and "Dumpster Barbecue" which already keeps the colorful community well endowed with myths and lore behind the naming of said lines. While reasons for this may not seem perplexing in the least tracking down the truth in any of these stories may not be so difficult. Was a deceased person actually burned in a dumpster at a campsite in Rifle, Colorado? One might even lie to keep the legend going because it is a story that turns heads, opens ears and peaks ones curiosity enough to make dropping an eave or two an okay circumstance.

Today was no different.

With a slew of dirty names that started to develope after finding a rusty rim next to the boulder, it only ended with myself wonder how many more dirty sounding boulders do we actually need? I suppose we could keep it to ourselves and have the actual names be an inside joke and let the "rumored names" float around like a poltergeist searching for its next victim.

I've decided against naming things in this way and instead pick something a little closer to home. Like the unforgivable additions to the Oxford English Dictionary last week OMG, LOL, FYI...I know, the Mayans warned us but I never thought it would happen this soon. Perhaps paying homage to the deaths of thousands in Japan and the heroic fortitude of the people remaining behind at the nuclear power plant to save their country from an event on par with Chernobyl. Star names? Things Hank Moody says in Californication? All good ideas to me. There are a handful of FA's in Deckers that are all named after the movie "The Princess Bride". Princess Buttercup, Inconceivable, Cliffs of Insanity, Six Fingered Man, the Sicilian, As You Wish and other things of that sort.

Decisions like this shouldn't seem this epic in fact, I mainly just used the idea to write another dysfunctional diatribe that not many people will read any way. But hey what the hell, maybe other people get perplexed when deciding the names of boulder problems. Want the names? Ask, I still haven't decided.

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