Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Fun and Hard Times at the New River Wall

Anyone who says it's not that bad skirting the side of the highway with crash pads and gear in toe hasn't had a full size Greyhound bus fly by and shake their composure like a dry leaf on a twig in autumn. It's bad enough imagining that at any moment one Colorado's "veteran" drivers, doing a knee steering Chipotle eating text checking combo, could decide that taking their vehicle to rail is grand among grand ideas. The bus was more or less just a wake up call which I quickly turned to see that Matt was sharing in the same startled moment that I had. Our crash pads, acting as both small wind sail and automatic peripheral vision limiter, didn't put any worry to ease. Even with the unlikely occurrence that a car does attempt a quick assassination from behind the thought that the crash pad on my back would send me harmlessly flying through the air and landing "turtle" position 100feet from the road is even less likely.

Climbing in Clear Creek Canyon was good though left much to be desired. Some either undone or lost and forgotten boulders off the road were calling Miller's name and after a quick assessment we decided that it would be good to return, clean, send and rename. The names "Rusty Rim Job" and "Bush Whackers" came to mind almost immediately. I mean lets be honest, anyone who ever said climbers weren't a colorful bunch was either mislead or blind. If anyone knows what the boulder just south of the bridge by the New River Wall is let me know. Otherwise, photos are below. Cheers.

Incriminating evidence that Digg's old Organic pad was dragged out from retirement with out her expressed permission.

Matt crankin out the last couple moves on this newly cleaned problem, who knew the New River Wall would top out?

Mr. Situner was kind enough to offer to shoot me on this wonderful problem as well.

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