Saturday, April 9, 2011

Foolish Face Revival!!!


Happiest foolish faced dog on the planet?

Apollo is well on his way to being most well behaved crag dog around.  Once we arrived at Clear Creek Canyon he ran a muck but did little to disturb wildlife and vegetation.  This is exciting because that means he does less damage to climbing areas then most climbers do.  Another dog showed up and after a quick "how do you do" he was back to laying out in the sun and enjoying not being confined to a backyard or inside the house.  Ultimately a much better deal for him and I, aside from sometimes getting a little car sick.

Brian Kimball crushing the finish, cruising the mid section and airing out the start.  All key beta for sending the full traverse down at the Dark Waters boulder.  Kimball is close to fully "Kimballizing" the Dark Waters boulder and with a little extra work it should have another five or six problems of respectable difficulty. 

Another amazing problem, the big little easy line that exits out the right side of the cave on soft easy holds that are a comfortable distance apart.  Matt did this before making short work of the V9 starting on the bottom holds just to the outside of the cave and exiting high and direct up the center.
Kimball bringing some gnar gnar to the shirtless monkey party.

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Charisma Moran said...

So jealous of all this awesome rock climbing!