Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe's Valley, Cars and Animals.

Turns out its really difficult to get close to these guys despite their constant interaction with old people in parks.

Two hours of waiting for Vail pass to open so I can get to Joe's Valley, Utah. 

This car was the last thing I saw leaving Joe's but, not the best memory.  I had a ton of fun the night before joking and drinking with Matt, Diggs, Evo, Keith, Merc and the rest of the crew I had just met that night, what a great time.

Erica Block taking advantage of a really good angle on "Team Effort".  She had some really good photos from Joe's if anyone is interested in taking part in the jealous rage click the dooblydoo.

Hippy Tree lid

This little fella has been migrated around Bambi Cave a lot in the last few years but never strays too far from the cave.  Imagine the horror it will see when we finally initiate the plan to break a young sixteen year old climbers legs to avenge the sending of difficult problems.  Better watch your back A. Shay-Nemirow.

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