Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rolling 35's

I did it, I developed some more film. I have been running around Denver, Centennial, Joes Valley, Clear Creek Canyon, Daniels Park and anywhere else I go with a backpack carrying my little Pentax K1000. This thing is the best, I love the depth it gives every shot and how much it forces me to focus on how, when and what I do when I shoot.

Also wanted to mention that if anyone wants to go out and shoot some portraits or something else fun of that sort give me a shout because I would love nothing more than to do so. I have a few photo projects that I am working on that I know I need more people, friends and stories for.
A tree standing burned from a fire that happened eight years ago in Daniel's Park Douglas County.  This was the first time I was actually evacuated from anywhere that wasn't a drill.  I remember that the only things that I grabbed were my photo albums and favorite shots from high school photo class.

The day I shot all of these photos in Daniel's Park it was -20 degrees out or close to it and the sun was shining brilliantly off the snow.  Nature is a weird thing, -20 and sunny, snow and sunny not to mention rain and shine.

Ice growing upward?  Another interested thing nature produced for me that day.  I should look up why that happens.

ICE!!!  I remember taking this shot, it was while suspended off an ice water fall that was soaking my jeans.

Recent weapon of choice...I should probably quit since it makes my teeth feel like the are falling out from the sugar coated goodness this little red can provides.  Look at the depth in this shot, I was experimenting with the absolute depth of my lens by getting as close as I could without it throwing the image out of focus.

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