Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hudson Gardens Light Show on 35mm

Every year Hudson gardens on Sante Fe in Arapaho county puts up Christmas lights for the community.  Such displays are also seen around the Metropolitan area like the Denver Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and the16th St Mall.  I accompanied two of my younger siblings along with my mom and step dad to wander the Hudson property with no real goal in mind other than not to get lost and to gaze longingly into the brilliant spectacles of lights draped over the trees and scattered along hillsides.  A few of the decorated trees were placed near large areas of water that created really cool reflections.  One in particular was lite with very dull purples and haunting greens that reflected on the water just enough to make it so you could not see the water itself creating the illusion that you were standing near a bottomless pit of some kind.  This was very cool.  The illusion had me fooled for much longer than it should have.  For several whole seconds I stood there gazing at it until at last I realized my folly.

For this adventure I took my old Pentax K1000 with my 50mm fixed lens.  I love this lens for both its  strengths and its weaknesses.  This lens has a very shallow depth for focus and if you miss that focus by more than an inch it will be rendered blurry.  This gives many of the shots that I take a lot of character, and since it takes film it forces me to pay more attention to details with the composition and the light then I would have to with a digital.  With digital I can see my mistakes and correct them where as in this case I have to be spot on all the time of fail.  We had a blast at the Gardens, I am excited to see some of the Christmas festivities that are soon to come in Denver. 

I'm not normally this angry looking, in fact I think that beyond me obviously being handicapped by an unnatural immaturity I am quite pleasant.

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