Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing with Lights

I have a fascination with light painting and shooting at night or in the dark.  The less light and longer the exposure means the more time I have to mess around with my subject and create something unique that cannot be created during the day.  A little over a month ago Matt Lloyd and myself took a day to bad mouth the rain and kick it indoors.  I brought my camera with me, because it doesn't leave my side anymore, and the two of us played with the idea of famous "Art of the Dunk" poster of one M. Jordan.  The idea has stuck with me for a couple years now and I had always wanted to go back to it and try applying it again after our mostly failed attempt to create the image from a climbers perspective.

Just like in the poster I noticed that there are certain dynamics about the movement of climbing that are similar to basketball.  Not so much dribbling but what I noticed there is a certain flow to the movement.  A player moves the ball with himself, keeping it to himself as though it is a part "of" himself and keeping fluid and dynamic movements to keep opposition guessing.  While climbing is uses flow when you move your body together making several movements together to reach the next hold and getting to the top.  Climbing is dynamic in the way that though each movement may seem that it is a climber making several individual  moves it is actually more of a flow of many moves meshing together to create different body positions until an explosion of power to reach the next hold. 

Just an observation.  Enough speculating, here it is.

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Brian Crawford said...

These photos are awesome. I dabble in photography from time to time and I don't think I would have ever thought to do something like this. Very creative.