Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Captains log 100108 at 1605 hours

Weariness has become a close friend in the last month. Between long hikes to better crags, fighting the plague that is leading the population to their beds, and long nights of lying in a lidless slumber have left me spent. Stress is taking action. My eating habits are falling below par. My mind is left posted deep in wandering beliefs. Emotions are running full throttle, but at a very low altitude.
Sleep seems to be the only relevant word, the only word to hold meaning. Oh it would be nice to sleep easy and not have to lay awake wondering what could have been? What might be? Why is this happening? What kind of person do I need to be to make this happen? To many questions to answer before a good night of sleep. To many questions to ask yourself in a single sitting ever.
I realize that it could all end in a semi cosmical down pour of truth passed easily from my lips but choking up your ears. Leaving you gasping for air.
Life feels muggy, bearing down on me, heavy. Interruption


Situner said...


Wash down 2 tylenol PM with a PBR (or several) and get some sleep!

Ya dig?

Anonymous said...

Or a little vitamin THC.

jon said...

Aren't these bits supposed to be written when you are actually IN the state of question plagued insomnia rather than reflecting on them a day or two later? They would be far more interesting that way.