Thursday, October 2, 2008

Noob sport climbing experience

As far as my day goes for a short lead climbing session in Deer canyon the word noob rears its head on more than one occasion. The list of noob like events are as follows.


1. Frank grabbing the rope when he falls and some how grabbing the rope below his last draw.
2. Me reaching for a draw to clip into the wall and instead of find a draw in my hand I find a chalk bag that had been clipped to my harness.
3. Forgetting DATA that either Frank or myself had just discussed and take a stupid fall.
4. Finding out that either Frank has a mysterious power of being able to attach and detach draws and chalkbags from me with out me noticing or I'm just and idiot and don't pay attention.
5. Not seeing a big giant jug covered in chalk after watching Frank do the route.
To be Continued....


Said said...

Bahahaha. And to think I was looking for you guys to teach me the ways of the rope wrangler.


Situner said...

What did you LEARN?

Put the string away and pull out the foam kids.

Belaying sucks.