Monday, June 30, 2008

Not so crush session

After pursuing Dali for a 3rd day I found myself yet again very unsuccessful. Though it is starting to feel easier i cant help but think that its unattainable and not worth the work but i feel that it will be and hopefully take the boulder to its knees on Thursday or Friday. At any rate I managed some half way amazing photos of Alex Herbert attempting a crush send of a hard project of his. As well as a surprise photo of the legendary Brian Capps AKA wheres Waldo of the climbing world. It seems that he turns up all the time and always knows where to go, whats going on, and who is doing what. Good man to have on speed dial i would say. Aside from that I managed to buy myself a new flash to continue the quest for a career in photography. Though managing to destroy Adams eye sight with a devastating flash of fury the day was pretty good. And props go out to Carolyn and her amazing dog, Carrying her pad most of the way out of Evans after injuring herself on the infamous crash pad corner of doom. Hope everything turns out alright with that leg so we can see her climbing again.

1 comment:

sock hands said...

what the hell's adam climbing on in the duplex shot?

CAPPS !!!!!!!!!111111111111

see you bishes in a few weeks and send stuff in my absence...

you're long over due for crushage, you just need to start believing it when you're on the rock, between moves. justifiable expectation is not confidence, son!

move confidently over the stone and you will finish. real rock will hurt less the more you own it. beat up mckenzie to prepare for a send. get it done.