Friday, July 4, 2008

Late Evans Session

Evans had the perfect temps all day, though the clouds were constantly threatening to destroy or good time. Not a lot went down except that Adam made a lot of progress on a few of his projects as well as making Anne way excited for Saturday when we return to Area A and destroy all. I flashed a V6 warm up and made Dali look and feel a little easier but it continues to elude my grasp. I think i need to move on for a little while I was thinking more along the lines of All dogs go to Evans? At any rate Adam needs to send one of these hard lines hes working cause he looks like he has done them already its just one show stopping move or another. NeW ShOeS!!! Thats right Mr MADROCK "purchased" shoes for the first time in a many years in hopes that they will do the climbing for him maybe? Hope they are working well and were worth the money. I think im going to go buy some now.
On a side note Anne joined the Ladder club by sending the best V2 this side of anywhere.

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sock hands said...

bwahahahhaaa nice to see adam join the italian revolution... but do his sponsors know this treachery?