Monday, June 30, 2008

Near tragic boulder to pad mishap

Well the goal this weekend was to send put some hair around it and perhaps some easier sends on the way back. Instead Adam and Frank managed a hard V5 at the start of the hike and Adam sent the hardest v7 known to man at the Omniglobe. Adam did an amazing job of it between giving Frank a hard time and being some what tired from the death march of doom that is the camp dick hike managed to send within the hour. Before hand of course there was the epic catch performed by yours truly, while Frank found his way to the near top of a boulder he fell and his foot stayed planted on its perch causing his near demise. I of course caught him like a little baby Mexican and rolled him to the pads. Now I am sure that everybody is wondering how its possible for someone my size to catch someone of Franks size when tumbling through the air from 8 or more feet. Well turns out I'm pretty strong, ever heard of The Hulk? Nothing like that at all but I'm still pretty strong. Like a mother lifting a car off her trapped, mangled, and possibly burned child I plucked him from the air. Well enough about me i had a good time and though sent nadda I got away with some awesome pics. Peace suckas.

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