Thursday, June 19, 2008


My day was pretty slow both last night and all morning today. Last night after flailing on some of the hardest easy moderates known to man, I was a little pissed and grumpy. Props to Anne for sending the V5 in tennis shoes though im glad she had a super strong session though mine was extra weak. I managed to get away with some of the most amazing photos ive taken to date which was really sweet and when i got home to check them out they looked epic I could not keep it together, I really wanted to edit them but it was late. Today when i got home from work I ran straight to my comp to discover that 95% of the photos i was uber psyched about were corrupt and appeared as empty files in my took everything i had to keep blood from shooting out of my ears though i did start coming out my nose. I guess when one thing starts leading into another into another they tend to make your blood pressure explode. anyway I had to leave my house I was so mad and after a while managed to calm the fuck down but there are a few good photos that were still there so feel free to take a look.


Kyle said...

hey sally, why don't you cry some more? nice pics

sock hands said...

just wait till you see NEXT WEEK'S MODERATES AND WARMUPS !!!! friggin DOPE !

nice shots, clownfacedkilla