Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fletch Fest

Well i didnt know that Morrison had come to Castlewood Canyon till 'Fletch Fest'. A five move problem starting on two pockets at the middle of the boulder. "Start in this pocket then move up and milk this pocket before you go to the crimp, this crimp not that crimp. If you go to that crimp ill through a rock at you or give you the 'shocker'." The previous statement was a dramatization from Justin's words though half true....which half remains a mystery. Well its nifty and I have no complaints about it aside from this splinter I received after a couple tries. f*&%ing splinters.


sock hands said...

yo: it is called "fletch fest" named after fletch, who is brian.

fleshfest is at the sattellite boulders in the flatirons.

fletch's honor must be preserved at all costs.

Kyle said...

why don't you cry about your splinter some more, cry baby sally.