Monday, June 2, 2008

The Dali/My Epic

Just like the first time I was there Mt. Evans was amazing. I wish I had a few more photo taking opportunities but i guess i can always take more the next time we head up which I hope is in two weeks cause that would be nothing short of amazing. Tactical error is now a must do for me, a super sweet problem with a couple difficult moves on this awesome looking boulder. The boulder has prime location i think as well, right in the middle of the hike which is nice cause it is a very long hike after all. But the Dali is another problem that has to go down this year and not to put the pressure on but I am making the Dali my outstanding send for the season. If i get it then I suppose ill find another one but all attention is on the Dali. So Im putting the word out that im looking for any reason to go to Mt. Evans so if anyone is going let me know.


sock hands said...

dood, your landscape shots come out very well. i shall beat secrets out of you upon next session.

potential tactical error session this coming saturday EARLY EARLY for temps, and cause i need to walk out at 10:45am to get amy from the airport.

live this plan. wake up early!

sock hands said...

and bish plz, the dali is a warm up for you.