Sunday, June 1, 2008

Castlewood Canyon May 28 2008

Castlewood Canyon was a blast as usual. I finished everything on one boulder in particular first go and managed about 89.65 percent of the V9 sit start to cave direct. Im sure i can do it i just need to go often. This however was also the first time my girlfriend Kirsten Johnson went climbing out side and did ok for a first time with zero sends but lots of super hard gos and effort. Though our crash crash pad was jacked for a "higher purpose" it was a good time and maybe the next time i go we will be getting on the cave problem done by Chuck very recently during his chauffeuring of the hairy titan from across the sea. Lots of bugs. Cant wait to go again.


adam said...

I think it was 89.73, but who is counting.

sock hands said...

dope new evans shots, clown.

Morgan said...

Hey, I had no idea you were a climber. I love to climb too but I don't get out very often-too busy with dance and school. Anyway are you coming up with your dad this summer? I'm actually moving to San Fran in a few weeks so I don't know if I'll be around then, but just checking.