Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snow in Rocky

This past Saturday some friends and I made a little trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Of course i played my usual shananagins card and forgot to check weather reports cause as everyone knows the weather in Colorado changes every five minutes. Since the weather changes every thirty seconds in "The Park" I found myself to be extra screwed. Though we had to make our way across a moving body of water several times the hike was not to bad save the talus march of course but who likes those? The boulder its self was nice and its location was really cool, right at the top of a flat toped hill or a "plateau" as some scholars may say. Somewhere between the steep-as-all-hell hike of doom and the cold weather i found it in me to try a one problem seven or eight times before throwing in the towel. Turns out the mix of cold weather, minimal sleep and soft finger tips brings out the quitter in every cartoon and gaming individual. As for everyone else climbing that day it seems to me that it was an altogether good crush session with Emerson getting a solid send on The Power of Ten and Justin by going Chuck Norris on the boulders ass and sending every different variation possible except TPoT. At the very least it was nice to hang back and take a lot of pictures, giving me something to do in my free time at home in front of my computer. All this while hoping to produce a somewhat descent blog entry with plenty of eye candy in the photo slide show to make at most two or three readers ask for more material. I wonder how many people will start reading my entries over the years to come. Any who, what ever you see here whether you enjoyed it or not please feel free to bicker and argue with me i enjoy it and if there is a photo that you want to see let me know i have tons. Peace and reese's

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