Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maybe next time Morrison

God damn Morrison. Whenever I go to Morrison to climb I always expect to have the best time and then end up getting shut down by whatever it was that i went up there to get on. Yesterday it was Cytogrinder and it kicked my ass when i was looking for an easy one or two go send...but i couldnt hold the second move and then i peeled off the forth move and missed an under cling somewhere etc. I tried center route and had an easier time since the beta is way more straight forward though its a lot harder and bruises your left hand with every attempt. Maybe you just need to get used to climbing there? I suppose its why the locals who have done everything one hundred times over and are able to make it look like its the easiest gym climb this side of Colorado. Though in the end i could always just try a little harder and get my act together. Bite my lip and huck sort of mentality. Maybe i should do a little more route climbing. Maybe i just need to learn how to try harder or learn how not to be afraid to get tired doing these moves...maybe. Maybe next time.


sock hands said...

morrison in the snow or rain only. that's the key. fool.

sock hands said...

evans saturday? rmnp sunday? camp d monday?

get in touch w/ me for details, or matt/kristen, etc.

adam said...

Did I hear the word "routes" mentioned. DAB!