Saturday, April 12, 2008

It may be time to move on

Well i decided its time to move with my life and start making some changes around myself and my company. I play a lot of Halo and i think that i should take it easy with that for a while until I can figure out how to manage an average grade in college. I do a lot of indoor climbing and now im going to stop buying the old month pass and go outside as often as possible. Going to Mt Evans every week has been something Ive been wanting to do for a while now and I think its time to start going once the snow melts of course. Rocky Mountain National Park is another place i need to be at least once a week when the season comes around. My friend Brian Capps who I don't see to often tells me that going there as much as possible is the best way to approach climbing in that area. There is a certain understanding you need to reach about the area before you can drag your ass up certain routes and boulders, particularly the ones that I want to do.
Living is another thing i need to move on with. Not living by being alive but living by living on my own. Its silly that I'm still living in my Dads basement and putting with my step moms bullshit. God damn does she piss me off sometimes, she actually will call me out in front of my friends or my girlfriend or her own friends to make me feel as miserable as she can possibly make me and I let her get away with it. Man I'm stupid. Well i suppose ill just have to move out and get going with making my own future with photography hopefully. Ive seen some pretty nice ads for rooms being rented out in Denver which would be nice. Even found one ad from a gay couple looking for a house boy to clean up after them and around the house...not for sex of course but hey who could argue with 200 a month.
It took me two blogs to realize how bad at this i would be. Anyway enough with the depressing stuff I'm done ranting. Its time for some good news like my fingers and shoulder are no longer giving my trouble so climbing season is a go for me and should be a good one. Not the greatest start so far with only sending some super easy problems and getting all the moves on the under cling traverse but not linking the end yet. sigh* maybe next week eh?
well thats it for me ill keep my only reader posted about the climbing season and put up some pics to keep everyone interested. peace out all.

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