Friday, February 17, 2012

Post Secret

A couple years ago I stumbled upon a video where video had been taken of 50 people being asked the same question in Ithaca, New York. It was a video that I found inspiring and not but just the video itself but by the answers that the people in the video gave for the question. "If you could know one thing that you don't already know what would that one thing be?" It made me think really hard about what I would want to know. I don't have a particularly strong religious background so knowing the existence of god does not compel me. I find that the most interesting things to know are buried in history. If someone were to ask why, why not know something from the future I would say because it is the future. If I know whats coming next what would be the point in the whole journey? Besides, one day I will reach a certain age where there would only be one real surprise left and that is one that I would much rather leave a mystery.

The person who directed these shorts, Benjamin Reece, did an amazing job at capturing both humor and pain while keeping it all together as one piece reflecting a melting pot of people and frame the surprising nature behind the answers given by the people living in this world. I am very grateful to have seen these shorts and they have helped push my ideas and develop what I want to achieve from a media and artistic stance.

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