Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Granite Life, Gloss Mediums and John Green

I'm really digging this shot.  It was all possible thanks to my buddy Mr. Lloyd.

I have left these items sitting around my house at the moment waiting to be used again. I am racking my mind to think of the next project and I have finally thought up something that I believe will take the cake on the previous one. It's a bit of a surprise since someone who follows this blog regularly is the person who is getting it. Shhh.

This book is the book of the year for me. I have been waiting most of this last year for it to come out and while books don't grab my attention that greatly on a normal basis I wanted to make sure everybody knows about it. John Green is a brilliant young adult fiction writer and has written a few other titles that are well worth the loss of weight to wallet.

This particular title is a story about 16 year old miracle thyroid cancer survivor by the name of Hazel Grace Lancaster. This is the first of John Green's books that have a girl as a narrator and though under normal circumstances big changes would dictate this writing as being negative. However, John Green is not a normal writer and with this addition of written novels he has captured the same humor and tears that have attracted me to any other item he has written.

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