Monday, June 27, 2011

From Sea Level to 12,000

 Yesterday was my first day back in the mountain ranges of Colorado after doing the family thing down in Orlando, Florida.  Normally I would dread having a severe change in elevation like that and only being back from sea level for 15 hours I was skeptical of what my condition would be in the next few hours.  Perhaps its a sign of getting old that I felt no real adverse affects from climbing 12,000 feet in elevation in less then a day.  Maybe ten days at sea level doesn't do that much damage on someone who spends to much time in the mile high state.  Though the affects of thinning air had no real repercussions on my body my legs and lungs were quick to remind me that being sick and out of action for a good chunk of time will make you suffer walking up any hillside.

Florida was the best.  I had my first gambling experience of my life in Tampa and why shouldn't I have enjoyed losing a few dollars amidst the smell of cigarettes and moth balls generated by the waves of senior citizens mounting attack after attack on the penny slots of the local Hard Rock Cafe?  I dare say that of any state in the United States bearing stereo types this one is no different.  In fact I would go so far as to say that the frequently used term "Heavens Waiting Room" holds more water in the Seminole casinos of Tampa.

Disney World was amazing.  Once you get past the heat and just accept that you are going to be hot and sweating all day no matter where you are you have the best time ever.  Between scoring fast passes to hit every roller coaster in every park we went to, cheap sea food and watching my little sister dominate at volleyball everything added up to a wonderful family trip.


For some reason beyond all sense of logic the serving of Dr. Pepper is not practiced in any food establishment with in 20 miles of Orlando.  Why is this you ask?  I have no idea but I do know that I ordered a fat DP when I got back to Colorado. 
Matt Lloyd surfing out the scoop on the back of Powder Keg

Matt Lloyd spanking the crux on Tangerine man

Random folk off in the distance doing work

Jimmy taking a break from home remodeling.

Landscape shot taken while driving on one of Colorado's scariest roads.

Shot of Universal Studios Diagon Alley

Honeyduke's wizarding sweet shop

Zonko's the Harry Potter worlds joke shop.  I bought a chocolate frog.  It was tasty.

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St. Petersberg Beach, Florida

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