Sunday, February 27, 2011

Morrison, Colorado Soloing 5.13a

Today, Matt Lloyd and myself set out with two triple fold Climb X pads, three regular double fold pads to take a whack at soloing a 5.13a, V8, route in Morrison, Colorado.  Temps were looking promising and the cloud cover kept the Morrison face nice and cool. 
Matt, who had recently injured his shoulder, was more than confident in his abilities to send and beyond ecstatic about how amazing and proud the line is.  After a short warm up in the "Black Hole" and two quick TR run throughs Matt was ready to tackle the objective of the day. 
Anyone who has attempted a highball problem knows that it is never without a mental obstacle whether that obstacle be fear of difficulty of moves mid problem or wild firing off a hold and spinning off away from the pads beneath.  After two falls from minor mistakes with beta Matt took a third fall that landing just toward the edge of the pads hitting his heel on a rock and suffering a minor injury.  At this Matt slowed down, re-sussed out his beta and with a slight hesitation at the last move of the crux fired the problem with ease.


T Lit said...

this is not to detract from Matt's send at all - cuz that was sick, and a proud-looking line to be sure - but that looks like the shortest sport route i've ever seen! not the greatest landing, either!


relentlessclimbing said...

fair enough, its actually not a sport route nor is it a boulder problem ,thats what makes it cool, i also am not entirely sure about the grade, it is probably a little easier than that.

The line also continues for another 20 feet after the frame ends it's just much much easier.

relentlessclimbing said...
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