Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matt Lloyd Free Solos 5.13a

This morning I woke up with a compressed knee and ankle. The night before I had felt some pain but was skeptical as to the extent of the injury and was just convinced it was sore from running I chose to ice it and use a heating pad while I read before passing out. I was right that it would become more sore by morning, in fact when it came time to head into Denver around 8:30AM I had to take the stairs in my house one at a time all the while thinking about how long this was going to take to heal and whether or not it will end with me at the Doc's sometime in the next week.
At any rate I packed my camera equipment up into my Mountain Smith Quantum Daypack and began my adventure through the usual I-25 Saturday morning in Denver traffic. The day ended well. Good temps, cold morning beer(to replace the absence of coffee) and thanks to Matt Lloyd something exciting to shoot and write about.
This is the first time I have had a chance to use the "Quantum Daypack" and I have to say that it has just enough space for everything you need. I fit my Nikon D80 in along with remote flash, tripod(with room for a second), alternate lens, various accessories, and not to mention four delicious victory beers with room to spare.
While the Mountain Smith Tour FX camera bag is great for handling your camera equipment when your hanging out on the sharp end of a rope the Quantum Daypack is ideal for hiking and safely lugging around your lenses and photo-makers.

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