Monday, December 20, 2010

Creating a Universe, coping with criticism, and metal shows.

Bailey melding with the night, click to enlarge.
I have been struggling to keep myself satisfied with what I have been creating lately.  Everything I create has something I want to change or make better which is making photography very difficult.  I am being very hard on myself "I am my own worst critic" as they say.  It is becoming more and more difficult to produce what I am imagining in my head.  But is that a good thing?  I am becoming more critical with my craft and as a result I am trying harder and spending more time on individual photos.  If its a good thing then I suppose I shouldn't worry so much and keep on keep'n on.
While my photography and photoshop skills are building I am looking for more opportunities to show off my work and other ways to create photos.  I found a toy camera with a working shutter at the local Savers that I am planning on turning into a pinhole camera to start some pinhole experimenting once Christmas has come and gone.
Christmas, I love and hate it at the same time.  While I love to give, care, and be involved with other people and donating my time to help friends I hate it because I have so little time for myself.  Last week I went to a metal show at the Larimer Lounge on 27th and Larimer in Denver.  The original plan was to go and see my friend Thad's band play, Narwall Birdskull, and in the process ended up discovering a sick group called Mouth Full of Buckshot.  They were pretty amazing.  I was even getting into their warm up and amp test when the vocalist started screaming his head off with his head tilted downward to direct his ear at the amps.  It was fun, some nice people there along with tasty beverages to cure my numb fingers from the biting cold.
All in all a good night.

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Jon said...

it wasn't that cold!