Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.

This year I have much to be thankful for.  In previous years I have as well but lately I have had much more illuminating experiences and loving memories than normal.  This year, as I am every year I am thankful for my friends.  Every last one of them and yes even the short ones.  Don't get upset about the order of which I am thankful I promise I am every bit as thankful for each of my friends to the next. 

Becca, I am very thankful to know you.  Even though you live in another state I find that it does not stop us from talking on occasion about life, love, and the different passions that we either share or care about.  Frank I am glad I have known you, though at first I thought you were kind of weird because you climbed with a Bluetooth headset on you have been a great friend and always someone I could rely on if it was not the other way around.  Anne you are a caring person and your excitement to create is an inspiration for me to create something new with my own craft; as always I enjoy spending time with you.  Lauren you have the ability to get me excited about things and want to get out and do something.  It's never a dull moment with you and I'm always anxious to have our talks. 
Matt L I am thankful for your constant pursuit to make something new and seek out opportunities to stir up some action in Denver.'re my boss am allowed to say something to you?  Of course I am because I don't follow targets rules, I am very happy to be able to know you and Diggs, I always have a good time with the two of you whether we are climbing or eating bbq.  Which reminds me I owe you bbq and a beer, Frank too.  Jaeger you have a strange two sided life, in one I know very little about but all I know is that it is very professional and anytime a client of yours gets a glimpse of it you panic. The other is rambunctious and full of oddities, you always have something interesting to say and I enjoy hanging out with you. 
To all my friends at work I appreciate everyone of you.  B., Libby, Jake, Justin, Andrew, Brittany...all of you.  I have lots of fun at work all the time and I don't think I could do that without you. 
Another thing I appreciate is the people have been closest to me in the last year, Jess more than any.  Jess I shared a year of your life with you and I was never dissatisfied.  Every day I spent with you was a joy.  You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I still care about you more than anything.  Every day I thought about you and everyday still I continue to.  I have no regrets from being with you except that I did not try hard enough for you. 
To my family I am thankful for everything you do for me and all of the fun we always have when we are together.  You are the reason I never leave this beautiful state.  I don't think I would have ever started school had you not been there to push me and help me make my decisions about what subject suited me the best.  Sorry if I left anybody out, which I already know I have but I am being beaconed to the kitchen for cooking and very soon eating.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads this, thanks for reading.


KrisV23 said...

This is a very refreshing and thoughtful blog. I like the fact that you actually named the names of your friends... the readers have no idea who your talking about but your friends do. I think that is kind of exciting! Great post! Its an awesome way of letting your friends know how you feel!

Jamie said...

wow, I am a little moved... back to the root of that holiday. thanks for that :D