Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sick and twisted

Sick and twisted, yup that's me! Today I am running a wonderfully high fever and am coexisting with a cold that is crippling my ability to talk normally, or as normal as I can normally talk...if that's normal. Anyway, I'm sure you're not wondering what makes me twisted but I may actually have something to do with my twisting my weak left ankle at the climbing gym in Thorton, Colorado. Damn try had got me into a pickle. I guess if you want it that bad sometimes you just forget to put out the landing gear all the way and sometimes you end up with the results that you don't want. I'm currently sitting at my computer sipping NyQuil on the rocks because I'm sick yet sociable, big thanks to Mitch Hedberg for that joke. Well at any rate I am still able to walk, climb, sit at the bar, watch movies, play the uke, and more than happy to sit around a type. If you made it this far into reading my blog then congratulations! Now you get to see cool pictures that I took a long time ago that everyone wants to see. Cheers!

....hold the phone, there is no more picture adding function. Tune in Friday?  Wait, never mind, it just moved.  Now we vote for every ones favorite pensive face. Way to send Diggs, I almost forgot about these pictures.

                                               Can you guess what is unlike the other???

"Stare intensely at the hold, get ready...stay on target...almost there..."

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