Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RTD Allegory, Course of Discourse

The Denver light rail is a common use of transportation to and from the Metropolitan campus for me and hundreds of other students. Not to recently I have found it's also the best place to find people of interesting backgrounds, beliefs, and needs. On a 'daily' basis I run into the weirdest of what Denver has to offer. Pamphlet peddling Mormons, people asking for drugs, people offering drugs, guys who don't know when to leave girls alone, alcoholics, people dressed like hippie biking riding dread locked chefs in overalls, people who feel its important to argue with their significant other on their cell phone, or people who seem to really just enjoy sharing the music they are listening to with everyone on the light rail by singing allowed.

Today was no exception.

Today I arrived at the light rail station in Downtown Littleton at around 8am. I waited on the platform for maybe 10 minutes before I heard the rails begin to hum from the light rail car making its way towards the station. Everyone got on, I sat in the front most car where there were already a couple other students and assorted people sitting as spread out as possible from one another. Of course since everyone was so spread out my choosing a seat was only going to turn the neatly organized seating pattern into chaos. This left me sitting towards the back facing a young blond female, student from the looks of her. She had tattoos on her wrist and forearms. Depictions of angel wings, a cryptic crest, and birds made me wonder what exactly were the reasons for each one. None were really related to the other and could either mean nothing or everything to her.

After sitting down she looked up at me, I smiled, she was not thrilled. She immediately looked away and redirected her attention to the cement wall out the window, yup definitely more interesting then talking.

After a minute or two has gone by she answers her phone that blared the jingle from award winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" She answers.
Okay, at this point I look around to see if anyone else was looking or paying attention to what is going on. "I FUCKING TOLD YOUR NOT TO CALL ME ANYMORE" She continued. After that I was trapped somewhere between complete discomfort and absolute curiosity. There was no escape.
"Why the fuck do you keep calling me?"
"I don't care what your fucking reasons are loose my number dick."
"Does it sound like I want to talk to you?"
"I will whoop your mutha fuck'n ass if you come near me again"

This goes on for a while. The entire time I imagine what it is that who ever this person did to deserve such perfectly crafted sentences. She must be an English major, I thought. If not, then definitely elementary school teacher material. She continued to yell on her phone while I thought about maybe saying something, excusing myself, maybe putting my headphones on? Yes, that's perfect. It didn't help.
I started with shuffle on, Dave Matthews, Alexi Murdoch, Future Simple Project...nope. None of these were loud enough, I move one to something with a little more instrumental sound, Blackalicious, Cold War Kids, Phoenix...nope. Holy shit this girl is loud, I stepped it up again. Cage the Elephant, Breaking Benjamin, Red Hot Chili Peppers...that's the ticket. Key beta to defusing angry girl noises is in choosing high instrumental sounds, metal, punk, and lots of bass.

At any rate there was still a sacrifice. At the end of the ride I could no longer hear. The deafening sounds of metal crippled my hearing for the next hour or so which was quiet discomforting. Another day on the light rail. Thanks RTD for making all of these wonderful experiences possible.

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