Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Recently I have discovered that over a long drawn out process I have accidentally turned my blog into an actual blog and not a pile of climbing photos mixed with a dash of random soliloquies. As I now have more time on my hands in between classes, I decided that maybe its time to step up the game on this blog and do it the right way.

In the last month or so I have had many life changes and among them are a few that I or anyone else would never have seen coming. I have reduced the amount of video games I play on a weekly bases, entirely unconsciously I might add, from an exhausting 20 or more hours a week to 10 hours and now resting my game time at a mere 1 or 2 recreational hours a week. This change is good, I have been able to get more things done like take my dog for longer runs, now peaking 8 to 10 miles at a time, and giving me more time to read for school. I have also been back to shooting and taking it very seriously now. With the alpine climbing season soon being burried under the next season I have been taking advantage of chances to get out, climb, meet new people, and of course shoot as much as possible.

School is going really well and I feel as though I have finally hit a new stride. A faster, longer stride that is going to get me somewhere that doesn't include red and khaki, nagging customers, and stress-fully low paychecks. That's right people, Target doesn't pay well. Who knew? My classes on journalism, ethics, reporting, and mass media are kicking my ass into gear and have shown me how assertive you need to be in the world of news and photography. "Get out there, take some pictures, perfect your craft!" I tell myself. It seems like everyday now I am finding a new opportunity to take advantage of. Each has been better than the last and has yet to yield a poor development.

The most recent of these adventures are heavily attributed to Matt Lloyd who has been both a good sport, inspiration, and a window of opportunity. I have shot a little in Lincoln Lake at Mt. Evans, Ibex, Three Sisters, and Downtown Denver. Lifestyles are where its at and with more travel around comes more ideas for portraits, profiles, and landscape. I have begun to carry a little black book around with me to keep a written memory, for mine feels as though its failing, of all the ideas and locations that come to mind.

So hey if anyone wants to go shoot, hangout, grab a beer, kick it at the local skate park, cafe, or crag just let me know. No time is too late which I suppose means no time is too early. Cheers!


Jon said...

so come with me to japan in january. I'm sure you'll find some good stuff to shoot there...

Anonymous said...
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relentlessclimbing said...

sick post buddy, your on it, props