Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lincoln Lake; The Final Cut

This photo gets huge props to Frank for the eye. I was too tired to look up when we were nearing the end of the hike and he pointed out these wild flowers. The showed themselves brightly in the evening sun and they seemed to greet you at the top. With wave and the tip of a peddle each flower welcomed us to the family van for the drive back.

Also on the list of proper props was this photo. Franks constant eye to the horizon at my back spotted a rainbow, not a double, that made a great landscape shot.

Just to inform everyone, not a single shot in this posting was manufactured. Every photo was captured as the day went on and with out the knowledge of the person. I love any sort of situation that leads to catching people 'in the moment'.
This photo I caught Frank waiting up for me. He was sitting on a rock with his hands clasped together as if in a moment of prayer. I found it very pacifying. Whether it was prayer or exhaustion his attitude made this moment a significant one to preserve.

Oh Kristen, that gangsta 'Bring it whatchya got?' pose is so gangsta I almost can't tell that you're white.

Now these two crazy cats are too much fun to hang out with. Thanks for inviting me up on Saturday it was a great time and I hope to run into you at the gym sometime.

Anne has always been a great friend. Though very rare she freaks out very easily when the stress starts to pile up which is always fun to watch. Most fits end with her balling her first and and letting out a deep, violent breath of air. her psych has no limit. It was great seeing you again Anne and I hope to see you more often this year.

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