Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake shots

Sometime during our first few hours I noticed the sky reflecting off the lake below. I think that it may have been a much cooler looking picture until took it.

Ive always like this type of photo. Any sort of distant landscape shot with the background blurred way out of focus.

As shown here, I managed to find a moment to stop/wimp out and take a few shots of the hillside. The hike out was the worst but every time I stopped it felt worth it to turn around and see the view. Every time I turned around it was like seeing it for the first time and I caught everyone in front of me doing the same thing. Hopefully even thinking the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

Danny, The second to last shot in this sequence is awesome! Great lighting, and your exposure time was just right. Really rich colors! The other shots are good, but I am one for an area of focus, and although you have people in the shot, there isn't anything to draw my eye to them in particular. But all of the shots are great, and it looks lie an awesome place to hike.