Monday, January 12, 2009

Frank the tank installation #2

Frank Mendez AKA Frank the tank AKA Frank Footer AKA F squared is currently resting his feet at St. Anthony Hospital. As it turns out being a full time bad ass has its draw backs and sometimes lands you in a situation of extreme boredom or pain. In Frank's case it so happens to be both. As with most social positions, a time comes when you need to step up to the plate and let people know that your calling the shots. This might be recognized as a night out on the town, taking an extra shot of tequila or 12, and getting that extra bounce on the trampoline sending you flipping into a deadly spin. Of course Frank is known for being drawn to that next height in climbing. Where in climbing means highballs. As always spirits are high. He is copping very well in his little white room tucked away on the 4th floor and there are already epic stories being told, to be told, and nurse hassling in full swing.
Anyway, here is the Frank update as provided by Emily Dudley.

Frank update:

Unfortunately while Frank was soloing Ambrosia, a rock fell while he was doing a knee-bar and he had to dislocate his own knee to escape with his life. He then dragged himself 12 miles to the nearest town.

He tore his ACL, LCL, PCL, completely, received a Grade I tear in his MCL, which he left intact to prove that he was healthy before this accident and to prevent skin stretchmarks. He also tore both of his minuscai, fortunately the angiogram didn't show any signs of arterial damage. However this morning we learned that Frank also tore the membrane that connects the calf to the bone which then bled until it interfered with Frank's nerve function and blood flow. He underwent an emergency Fasciotomy, which was successful. His calf muscle remains open and has two tubes to drain any excess fluid. He can get this closed on Wednesday at the earliest. Hopefully he can be home by Thursday.

Frank appreciates all his visitors and well-wishers. The hospital stay would be miserable without you. Thankyou

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Said said...

Frank also counted to infinity twice today while swooning nurses, and balancing spinning dishes on his nipples.