Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Captains log 162009 rounded off to the nearest decimal point.

WE, have established contact with a nearly extinct species....WE have no way to communicate but I will not give up we have GOT to.....
fuckn Ace.
Climbing, Satalites, Frday, all day. Be there......this goes out to my whole 3 readers. Including Jon V AKA "the lazy leprechuan", Matt Miller AKA Boss man AKA M squared AKA Matt, and Kim Zagar AKA "Mom" whose purpose besides help my blog hits go up one point a day is to keep her dead beat son afloat by streaming constant motivation and love to his dusty but still slightly gleaming soul.
peace all.

1 comment:

Situner said...

Still can't climb, but have a sick session!

Dang finger may never heal.

I want pictures and a trip report!