Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Proposition

Yesterday I received an email from a travel company that had an interest in posting there ad in my blog. Though I have a very low traffic blog I thought hey what could I lose with a move like this. I don't consider myself a sell out by placing an ad in my blog though many people may think so. I would actually say its easy money. I continue updating my blog and for every person that clicks on the little travel agency icon i get 40 cents. I mean at first I though 40 cents? Who needs 40 cents, I wipe my ass with 40 cents. But then I thought why not? I get a little money right off the bat to kick off the union of Pebble Wrestlers Inc with and they get to place their lovely little box that people get to scroll past on my blog every time they visit.
Of course there is the issue that the people that visiting my blog are not really planning on making their way to some distant island location. Nor does my blog get enough traffic to actually grant me a steady or in anyway reasonable amount of cash. If anybody has any Ideas on how I could make my blog a little more popular, like perhaps changing the name or widen the variety of content? I suppose I could blog about gaming, climbing, photography and have my rants from nights of no sleep. Of course there aren't any readers that would be interested in gaming nor are they interested in my senseless rants. And instead of asking to see something special, like some amazing photo technique that isn't seen to often I get advice on how to get to sleep easier and get coaxed into making posters depicting friends faces pasted over the faces of movie stars. I love making the posters and I love that folks continue to come back to read and criticize my photos as well as my poor writing.
So gaming? More photoshop stuff like movie posters and fine art pieces? Climbing news and technique based photos? Light paintings? what do you want. help me out. What do you think will keep you looking at my site at work everyday. I want to know that I am keeping you from getting shit done.


jon said...

sell out

sock hands said...

i stopped reading. i love not reading it all and threatening you with punches in the face. what do i want? start w/ more photos. then, send the dali this year. then, more photos. expressions of inner rage, those are ok too.