Monday, October 6, 2008

Light Paint Instalment #2

Another late night with lots on my mind. This time I made use of my time. Instead of spending my time thinking of something to publicly complain about I went outside and made use of my time by practicing some light painting. While walking around outside I discovered some fun lighting technique and thought up some new ideas for future prospects.
While light painting I discovered how even though a little bit of light may come through the peddles of a flower, it draws a large amount of contrast giving the picture a good kick when using very long exposures. As cold as it was out tonight I wish that someone could have been outside with me to share some of the excitement/energy that I had built up from taking pictures.
Though I still haven't cleared my head I feel good about how all my photos have turned out and look forward to hearing what all of you have to say about them. Questions? Comments? Criticism? Let me have it.
The first photo is of a tree with a rope hanging from it that was shot with a single light source from a perpendicular angle and turned out well with a good defined shadow.
The third photo was a flower I stumbled upon late and had a small amount of light touching it from far away.
In the fifth photo I ran around with a flash light painting the playground with a bright ass flash light.
Anyway bedtime but expect more photos to come especially the night photos.


Said said...

Sickles. Love the off camera lighting. Someone is becoming professional.


Situner said...

The shot of the flower came out EXTREMELY well.

Also like the rope in the tree and playground a lot.

Goon works mang!


becca said...

the playground and the flower were definitely my favorite. i like the night shots you've been taking!! really creative. also, good halves on the rope and the tree :)

kzig said...

Time seems to stand still in the picture of the knotted rope hanging from the tree. Serene.

Love it! Thanks for sharing.