Monday, September 29, 2008

One Ring Ta Rule Dem all

Due to my lack of climbing news and photos I will be posting nonsense and photos having nothing to due with climbing until I get the ball rolling again. Half of the reason behind this is due to my injured foot which rained and hailed all over my weekend parade that was leading to Mt Evans for a nice leisurely day of getting shut down on things that should have gone down day uno, but whatever.
So instead, on Saturday I spent my time perfecting my trash talking and pro skills at "HALO3" cause everybody knows that your not somebody till you have played that game.
Towards the end of my day of course there was the news that Frank sent that silly crack problem that drops so many climbers into tiny fits of rage at the sheer crapyness(is that a word?) of the starting right foot, dish, smear, thing.
Due to weather the day was cut short and Adam was unable to send what the day should have been, Clear Blue Skies.
If anybody is wondering my foot is feeling mostly better and I should be able to hike extra soon.
Peace home skillets.


Situner said...

Nice poster.

Taking-a-photo-specifically-for the-poster dab though.

Sorry to hear about your foot!

I hope it heals up soon.

Frank sent Seurat?

I think we may have to go forward with one of the plans:

a) break his legs.
b) break his arms AND legs.
c) steal his car keys.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely love that picture of you danny. it made me laugh so hard. keep up the photochopped pictures!!!! they are awesome.