Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hiking the Devil

It's the beginning of winter and the number of hikes and outdoor excursions one can easily go on are in the lower numbers in Colorado. Unless you ice climb, have any interest and experience with mountaineering in the winter, and enjoy going out to hunt you are pretty much narrowed to short hikes on nicer days if you don't wonder too far into the front range. One of those hikes is The Devils Head Fire Tower. The trail closes December 1st and the road closes to the parking lot just short of a mile down the road but taking the opportunity to get there is a treat. It's a short 3 mile round trip, not counting the extra walk from the closed road, and the view is even better in the winter. Lots of low flying clouds and create some very dynamic photo opportunities that shouldn't be wasted. It was another successful ascent for 2013 and probably the last one for the year. Cheers!