Friday, July 12, 2013

Mt. Democrat and Mountain Smith

This past Fourth of July Bailey and I went for a little morning stroll up Mt. Democrat in the Mosquito range of Colorado. Out efforts brought us to the top before noon after a 10am start which gave us plenty of time to goof around on top and see what sites there are to see from 14,170 feet.  Aside from the 100 some odd cars parked before Kite Lake at the trail head, the only life to see was a couple marmots and shedding mountain goats who must have had a much earlier start because by the time we made it to the top they were heading back down and moving much slower than we were.  Overall it was a quick in and out ninja ascent of the mountain and we are looking forward to seeing the few from the top of longs next week.

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Bailey M. said...

That pack is badass. Does that count as a product review?