Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Pretender

A couple of weeks ago began the realization that I may not in fact want to be a photographer forever. I feel as though the last couple of years has resulted in more ups and downs than I can account for and the lack of consistency in execution has been a serious issue. I'm not normally one for new years resolutions for the implications of imperfection but, this year I may have decided on making an exception.

I want to write. This year will mark serious improvements in writing both fiction and journalism. Writing for the school paper, submitting pieces to magazines, newspapers and websites. Not just write but improve and write with more truth and more weight. I want what I write mean something to the people who read it.

I want to shoot. Photography has always been something I have striven to improve and this year will be no different. Continue shooting, developing the ideas that I have already begun to build upon and complete the ones that I have started.

For all intensive purposes I don't believe this song to represent exactly what I'm talking about but I do believe myself to have been a pretender up until this point. Wanting to be good at everything while still only applying myself enough to make some noise but never waves. This year I plan to rock the boat a little. That's this years plan, I can't wait until next year.

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beccaclimbsrocks said...

i approve. I'm so proud of you.