Friday, October 21, 2011

Film in Penitente Canyon, Colorado

Penitente Canyon, Colorado. Located just a four hours south west of Denver along highway 285 nestled in the San Juan Mountains and just down wind of Kit Carson Mountain and Crestone Peak of the Rio Grande National forest, Penitente is home to some of the best quality rock I have seen in some time. The rock is very unique, formed from highly fluid basalt lava flows after volcanic eruptions, last of which was 25 million years ago. How the lava cooled however, makes for a much more enticing climbing experience. Once solidified the rock left small huecos behind and the elements have eroded some of the edges, cracks and slopers I have ever had the opportunity to climb on.

There is much history to be heard climbing in the canyon whether you read if from the Penitente climbing guide or from one of the locals hanging out at the La Garita cash store on road G there is much to tell. Locals have a handle on a lot of the history as well as geography so asking them about what is going on around those parts is definitely the best way to approach it. Hidden gems inside and around the canyon that are not in the books or on the web can be found by merely lending an ear and patiently listening to the stories told by the proud La Garita land owners.

Overall my experience at Penitente was a good one. Great climbing, historical locations and friendly locals all added up to be a positive weekend.
Mike Banuelos making an epic journey up "Los Hermanos De La Weenie Way"  5.11c


Apollo lurking in his ninja suit

Frank on Los Hermanos De La Weenie Way, This shot was from the "window rock".

Shot from Penitente Canyon in the San Juan Mountains.  Background is Kit Carson and Crestone Peak.

Lisa taking a moment

Brendon kicking it post peanut butter finger

Brendon preparing for a shoot

Grant leading up "Not My Cross To Bare"

Frank hiding from the midday heat

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