Saturday, September 10, 2011

Colorado Food and Wine Festival

The Colorado Food and Wine Festival took place this weekend on the Metropolitan campus in Denver.  Friday night myself and Thomas Stipe, photographer, headed down to cover the event for the Metropolitan Newspaper.  It was a total hit.  When arrived music was being performed by Air Dubai and shortly after Rachel Platten who I came to find has the most amazing voice.  To speak more poetically I would say she sang with a voice like honey and beat her piano like a chaotic precision.

After walking the crowd to get a feel for the reaction of the event and tasting the various free pastries supplied by local Denver Companies we walked over to speak with someone shaking drinks for a quick interview.  By a huge chance of luck the first person we talk to is Mike Henderson the President of the Colorado Bartenders Guild who is hanging out drinking and bar tending with the former Vice President of the COBG. 

His reaction to the annual event was more than promising.   Since its first year it has grown to be a massive networking and cooperative event that gives students and businesses to get in for some hands on action as well as a chance to taste some of the best drinks that the miles high state has to offer.  Henderson bellowed on about how excited he was to see the growth and he quickly reminisced over the start of the COBG and how it has changed the bar tending industry in Denver.

Good music, free drinks, a pair of old guys getting into a tiff over nothing and a ton of drunk smiling faces lumbering around event capped the evening nicely.  I definitely learned a lot from the experience of both covering and event this large as well as how much easier it is to ask questions after you loosen your tongue with a few free drinks.  

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