Friday, July 1, 2011

Matt Lloyds Shots in Denver

The sky and temperature outside last night was perfect. Perfect enough to enjoy a tandem bike ride on a single saddle. With consistent pain in my tailbone from riding on the handle bars of a mountain bike speeding down hill, running stop signs and avoiding traffic from all directions we made our way into downtown Denver for shooting some photos and videos. Being uncomfortable during the ride was the least of the problems. On the front of the bike there are no pegs to put your feet just two small ends that connect the wheel hub to the forks. Also while riding any sudden change in speed sent my feet off the bike and me reeling to keep my balance which almost every time ended with my tripod in Matt's trekia...thats what she said.

The light on this particular night was amazing. As the brewing storm broke apart around the Colorado front range the fading light poured streams of honey tinctured light through gaps in the clouds. The darkening clouds created more contrast against the blue glass buildings that stand tall reaching up to meet the sun as each passing ray of light licks the reflective siding.

The rain however, though briefly robust, lifted to a reasonable sprinkle and gave us time to shoot a few more shots before the evening was up and start to head back up the hill. This time with a little less riding.

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