Monday, July 25, 2011

Easter Rock, Boulder Canyon Colorado

Route climbing, Ive noticed, has various benefits over bouldering. Not that I'm only just now noticing these various pluses on the board for ropes versus pads, because there are a lot and I did once upon a time tie into a sting to get my climb on, but I find myself remembering all the wonderful things about climbing. Plus number one, a pack that is slim and doesn't catch wind or double in weight when it rains. Plus number two, you don't have to climb at your peak to get a good pump going. Plus number three, safer. Number four, pretty awesome. Number five, you get to wear a fancy nylon diaper yada yada yada the point is I like it and want to do it more often again. I don't care who with it would just be nice to go get a little scared and try something a little different. Even though I'm a giant pansy.

The Flying Beast
Empire of the Fenceless

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