Thursday, May 26, 2011

Castlewood Canyon Font/Grocery wall

I did it! Went out and took some photos. For the second time this week I spent the day in crumblewood canyon and this time the focus was entirely photos. Sporting my ultra soft Hippy Tree t-shirt that gives me +5 climbing powers and my Mountain Smith camera pack (+3 photos and +2 sound mind from good organization)  I skipped over to the Font area for a short warm up before sending Hobble Direct and just about everything at the Font area aside from Cave Direct. I even took a little video which I regret doing now because the lighting was not so great and the original intention was to get video of warming up then head over to Hobble Cobble and film a send. Well, soon I should have my own video camera and I would like to start making some videos. Sounds good yes? It does to me.

I had a lot of fun shooting and putting together these photos so I hope people are psyched to take a look at them! Cheers.
Struggling to remove the lace ups while the velcro shoes are being fixed at the textile mill, AKA Sara Guiffre.
Struggling to put on the lace ups, also this problem starts 8' farther down the lip and not directly above the pads.

Had a little scare with this one.  Last five feet was a waterfall.  Thankfully it was an easy down climb exit.

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Sara Jayne said...

glad the shoes worked out.