Friday, April 15, 2011

Train Tracks and Sunny Days

The sunny days are on the way and with the sunny days are more opportunities to go out and make something extraordinary happen. 
Lately I have turned my back on the indoor world and embraced what the outdoors have to offer.  In the last month I have spent more days outside climbing, hiking and taking photos than I ever would have in an entire season.  It feels like its a new leaf turning but, when I think about it that leaf has always been there it just sat heavy, not easily turned. 
Clear Creek Canyon has been one place I have been directing the majority of my energy along with just driving around the Rampart and south Castle Rock area for photos.  Climbing is finally starting to truly take root in me and pushing me to go outside and brave the elements of earth.  Windy days in the front range, snow covered mountain roads, rainy days in Ft Collins and the dreary London weather days that seem to be increasing lately. 

 Alex is one of those friends, getting to know and understand her has been an experience.  She has a pretty crazy story, a bright personality and a dark sense of humor.  Yesterday when we went out to shoot for a little bit she showed psych and approached the adventure with a playful attitude.  Like how a young child would, running around finding small things that other people might disregard and instead show interest. 
Things like this make me wonder where those days go.  When exactly was the last time anyone had a day where they were wandering along a mountain trail, field of flowers, walked the local train tracks or followed the edge of the water on a beach like a tight rope for no reason and when did those days stop?  Everyone knows why they stopped but if you know why then why did you let it happen?  So the plan.  The plan is to fill my days with days like this and make sure it never stops. 

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