Monday, April 25, 2011

Digging through old photos.

I decided today, while extremely bored and sick, that I should burn away some free time by sorting through the thousands of archived photos I have on my external hard drive.  So far I have deleted around 2-3000 photos, maybe more.  But, I did find some gems that I forgot about and some that I had thought about recently and wanted to find.

A snowy day by the Lone Star boulder

Proof that Brian Capps exists its like a photo of bigfoot, very rare.

"Oh Realry?" face.

Yup, that happened.

Anne speaks of her experience with her attempt at the Dali.
Matt Lloyd snagging the lip on Millennium.

Frank doing the same.

Matus with a pro spotting and Matt Lloyd taking the dangerous way out of Elitch's
What can I say, I had a little Captain in me.
Don't ask, I didn't even know I had exposing photos of JJ.

Asher learns his lesson.

And that about wraps that up. I'm sure there are a lot of questions about some of these photos. I can tell you now that I may not have all the answers for the tomfoolery that has gone on over the years is beyond measure.

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