Monday, March 21, 2011

Joe's Valley Non-Triumph Photos and Story

Diggs wrestling her way up "Planet of the Apes"

Diggs having her way with "Hooters".

Keith managing the fire with a stick resembling Yoda's staff.

"Trents Mom" about to have her way with Tom.

Tom's thoughts on "The Edge" without Anthony Hopkins.

E-Block going huge and Tom with another world class spotting.

Merc finishing out "Chips"

Matt getting super thankful for Tom's spotting.

OMGZ Miller crush time on "Team Effort" with no need of a team effort.

In Colorado amongst friends and acquaintances Joe's Valley is known as "the" spring break crag of spring break crags. Anyone who makes the trip out can always count on running into somebody they know and pretty much never need to worry about having to climb by themselves. The drive in is another story.

I left Denver, Colorado around 7:30pm in hopes of making it to at least Grand Junction before midnight but, the snow in the mountains began to slow down my progress immensely and despite my hurried manor the wrecks and broken headlight I obtained were too much to over come.

By the time I reached Vail Pass the road had already closed due to car collisions and thousands of cars including mine were parked on the road waiting to continue. This gave me a chance to read some of my book and though having to sit through the whole ordeal it was not ideal by any means, doing so was not so bad either.

Once the road opened up the next objective was to find a hotel room to stay at that wasn't keen on striping me of what little money I had taken out for the trip. After I found a room that didn't cost hundreds of dollars I went to sleep relieved to be off the roads and frustrated that I was not much closer to Joe's Valley than I had been five hours prior when packing at home.

Finally after getting to Joe's and putting some moves in around late afternoon we set up camp just a little ways up on the right side of the left fork. We grouped up, made our own fire pit away from other campers to avoid crashing their party, and fired up "cave man TV". I can't say how many times I zoned out and how many minutes I spent staring blankly into the fire but, still somehow focusing on all of the conversation going on around the fire.

Joe's was fun, I want to go again in the next month maybe if anyone else wants to go. Maybe this time bring a little try hard and send a few boulders.


Diggity said...

I'd be psyched for another trip to Joes. Let us know ahead of time when you want to go so we can arrange rides!

e block said...

i'll go back to joe's too! sweet shots from the weekend dude :)

Daniel Madson said...

Thanks both of you but, Erica your shots are totally awesome and I'm amidst a jealous rage over them right now.

e block said...

jealous rage haha! thanks ;)