Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another roll of film

Apollo, god of light and sun to the Greeks, is gentle and kind.  He is my dog, my running partner, and my closest friend.

Captain Miller flying up a cave problem in Castlewood Canyon.

And the awkward smile.

The "Speak Train" is something I see often when taking the light rail to and from Denver.

Evergreen after a short day session with Lee, Matt, JJ, and Joanne.
Film photography continues to grab me by the collar and guide me along as I learn to perfect my craft.  I have always had a much bigger appreciation for natural light in unaltered situations.  This roll is no different.  While I did have an unfortunate incident with my film becoming unhinged causing some nice blue scratches that I mended on a few photos here the rest are genuine.  Today I ordered a roll of modified 620 film to compliment my Argus and will be very excited to go out and shoot next week on my days off.

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