Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stops from Littleton Downtown to Englewood Civic Center

For the sake of the students in my reporting class at metro you may disregard this blog post as it is not pertaining to our class.  But thanks for looking.

About a month ago I said that for the benefit of my development of a photographer and for the dismay of my nine readers I said that I would start posting more often with good quality, original, and inventive photography.  I have not yet failed.  Though my posting has spread thin to a mere weekly photo dumping I have not been slacking on photography.  I have recently made the decision to return to dabbling in the use of film.  I have three 35mm cameras and now one 620 film camera which I will be shooting with very soon.  I had a recent adventure that only led me a few miles away from home but to a few areas that I had not fully explored. 
One of these places is one that I return to several times week after week.  The light rail station has managed to weave its way up from Centennial, past art museums, fantastic coffee shops, run down factories, and aging train platforms.  I love this.  Denver has so much to offer that I have yet to discover and I keep finding a little something new every week.  This week I discovered that there is an upstairs to the bagel shop that I stop and get coffee at every morning before class.  Today this played to my advantage because as it turns out the majority of the people use the library voice rule giving it a subtle atmosphere that is easy to sit, ignore people, and enjoy a book.  I read for hours today.  Turns out Slaughter House 5 is an amazing book and Kurt Vonnegut has an imagination that is out of this world. 

Of course reading at a bagel shop has its benefits.  I had my ever wonderful power bagel with cream cheese and though the toaster oven was broken today I still found it enjoyable.  While sitting up stairs around all of the other coffee patrons I notice that nobody is in a hurry.  No one is seen rushing to study for an up coming test, no smells of burning hair from over worked gray matter, and no sounds of tapping fingers or biting nails.  This morning was very nice.  Another cold yet wonderful Colorado day.

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