Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 and Alive

Today I went to Castlewood with Matt Miller who gave me the Berthoud Cave tour.  Temps were expected to be extra cold so we dressed warm but the sun warmed up the rocks very nicely by the time that we arrived and had no need for the extra 10 pounds of winter gear that we hulled in.  On the way in Matt mentioned a boulder that he has always been psyched to go try but never jumped at the opportunity to take a look at it so I pressed him to go take a look on the way out.  It was almost everything you would expect a problem in Crumblewood to be, dirty, sharp, and breaking.  But, the problem was fun even though it was dirty and tall.

Bono's BBQ.  Everyone go now.  If you like smoked meat as much as the next guy, you will love this place.  Very tasty grub for the end of the day and especially for a 25th birthday.  Thanks Matt and Frank for hanging out today.  Definitely one of the better birthdays I have had in a while, and the runner up for my birthday spent in Vail which was prime living.

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